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for an overview of the system

Scheduling and Reservations are
Flexible and Client Friendly

  • Optimize Bridge Use
2- Year Forward Scheduling
Schedule 2- year series conferences.
  • 2-Year Forward Scheduling

Calendar or Key-In Date Select

Select dates using a calendar display or keyboard.
  • Calendar / Keyboard
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Formats
Schedule everyday with and without weekends. Select every Friday, or the first Tuesday each month. Formats are sensible to your client.
  • Variable Date Entry
Client Preferences/ Pricing
Supports client preferences and special pricing.
  • Special Preferences and Pricing
Automatic Confirmation Message
Send confirmations automatically by fax, email or mail. Send to multiple recipients or leader only.
  • Automatic Confirmations
Adjustable Bridge Overbooking
Set and change bridge overbooking to suit your traffic patterns.
  • Adjustable Overbooking
Bridge Spanning
Automatically spans large conferences to multiple bridges supporting the same conference services.
  • Spans Bridges
Matches Client Needs to Bridge Features
Finds bridge able to accept client needs.
  • Assigns Bridges to Match Service Need

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