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Process Automation

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Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc. is a licensed Professional Engineering corporation.  It approaches each project with responsible and professional attention to detail and precision. 

Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc. (PCS) has never had a failed project in 20+ years of operation.  From permanent offices in Newark, Delaware since 1982 and Circleville, Ohio since 1987, PCS has developed and installed systems across the US and internationally.  These systems include extensive and complex process automation systems.



More about Process Automation:
  • Process Operation Reporting

  • Data Acquisition

  • Fault Tolerant Systems

  • Man-Machine-Interfaces, Color Graphics & Voice Control

  • Recipe Management

  • Servo Positioning

  • Continuous Emission Monitoring

  • Emergency Shutdown Systems

  • Sequential Control - Batch & Clean-In-Place

  • Database Operation

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