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Systems Integration

Focused engineering activity that combines various different technologies

Overview: Benefits in using us:
what is it?
  • Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc.  has never failed to deliver working and reliable systems in 20+ years of continuing operation.

  • Our focus on technical detail and excellence is applied to each client’s important work.

  • Our technical range and demonstrated success extends to a wide variety of areas.

  • Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc. is well recognized for a wide range of systems integration successes, spanning industry, commercial and public sector users.

  • We know the old. We understand the new.

Systems integration is the focused engineering activity that combines various different technologies to reach the specific end result and in-use purpose of the client.
where can I use it?
Each technology is used according to its position and purpose within an overall system concept.
why Systems Integration?
Technologies are hardware and/or software based, pre-existing or new. 

Our demonstrated success

  • Integrating scheduling, usages and client billing operations

  • Integrating receiving dock receipt records with accounts payable systems

  • Integrating warehouse resource availability with daily production schedules

  • Integrating QA forms and records with production history databases

  • Integrating legacy databases with user friendly graphic interfaces

  • Integrating business IT systems with process control systems

  • Integrating control, monitoring and communication systems

  • Integrating Data Acquisition and Reporting Systems with Android Based Mobile Devices 

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Last Update: 5/13/2019