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PCS Locking Clip

Select Teleconference Core
for an overview of the system

Powerful Tools to Expand, Configure and Manage

Map Future Schema for Bridge CDR and CODR Nomenclature
Adapts CDR and CODR conference records from future bridge types.
  • Interpret Future Bridge Records to a Standard Format
Adjustable Schema for Bridge Use and Expansion
Simplified addition of bridges; select and enable bridge features, assign TCP/IP addresses.
  • Simplified Addition of Bridges
Web User Administration
Manage and authorize users for web access of conference usage statements.
  • Manage Client Web Access
Configure Statement and Invoice Templates
Vary appearance and detail level by selection of templates and enabling information fields.
  • Enable Different Templates for Clients
Configure Archive Schedule
Customize a schedule to archive system records.
  • Detailed and Summary Invoicing
Review System Activity Logs
Create activity and operations logs of the Scheduling and Billing Systems; allows detailed review of hour-by-hour operating patterns.
  • Review Activity Logs

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